Open scary NFT pack and get 1 NFT. There are 3 basic NFTs, which you can get from this box. You can use them to insert in slots and upgrade staking. Read full explanation of system in the docs.

+10% BOOST
The Thing
Common Enid With a chance 50%
+25% BOOST
Common The thing With a chance 35%
+50% BOOST
Common Wednesday With a chance 15%
How it works
  • Buy NFT Pack

    Buy NFT pack and get NFT. You can use our NFTs not only as PFP or collectible, but also as useful and profitable staking instrument

  • Get NFT

    From the NFT pack, you can get one of 3 basic NFTs. Other grades you can get only through charming NFTs or win in the giveaway/event.

  • Collect rare NFTs

    Collect the most rare NFTs with cool numbers. For example NFT #001,007, 111,222,333 etc. They will cost more on second market, than NFTs with simple numbers. Or choose your number and hold it!

  • Stake NFTs

    Go to Staking section and stake your NFTs. There are 3 slots, 1 slot for each type of NFTs. When you will insert NFT in the slot, you will increase your APR at ADDAMS staking. Higher rarity = higher increase of APR. At this moment, you can't extend the amount of slots. But you can increase the power of each NFT with charming!

  • Charm NFTs

    Skyrocket your APRs in staking with the most rare and the most powerful NFTs! Go to charming section and try your luck! Upgrade NFTs to the top and increase APR for ADDAMS staking!