Stake your $ADDAMS tokens to get extra profit. We have implemented lock system with increased APR's, plus NFT boosting. Emission itself is limited to safe amount, so it will have less or no affection on price.

Stake for longer period + use NFTs = get the highest profit.

Magic Boost

You can increase your APR using 3 types of NFTs. In one slot you can insert only 1 NFT. At this moment, you can't increase the number of slots. To get better NFTs, use charming section. Final APR is calculated through staking interface, boost is added to the basic APR.

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How it works
  • Buy $ADDAMS

    Buy ADDAMS from the pancake or use tokens from the pinksale fair launch.

  • Start

    Press button “Staking” and choose staking period.

  • Staking period

    Stake longer = higher APR. If you withdraw before the end, you will get 100% deposit without rewards.

  • Stake

    Write needed amount for staking and approve transaction to start earning $ADDAMS

  • NFT Boost

    Increase your APRs with NFT boost. Get NFTs, charm them, and make the best profit.

  • Rewards

    After end of staking period withdraw your deposit + rewards.